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Alodo player (blaü)

Alodo captain (blue)


Understand Alodo

The association „Alodo“ is registered under the N°2002/1693/MIDAS/DC/SG/DAI/SAAP-ASSOC, and has been created in 2000.

ALODO SPORTS, the football academy, was born in 2012.

Who we are

Supported by Edmé CODJO and Alain GASPOZ, we have launched a series of trainings for young footballers and supervisors/coaches. During the months, the academy has been created with a camp situated at Etoile Rouge-Cotonou.

Having placed 3 players at Aspac club for the current season and the two seasons to come, Alodo Sports aims at becoming a solid but humble reference in the field of training of young footballers.


From Europe and the USA to North Africa, Subsahara Africa and Asia, we help you make your dream come true by working hard, through our consultants all over the world…

Our logo in a nutshell


alodo 1


Everyone who knows the city of Cotonou may recognize the place of Etoile rouge (red star), painted in red, in the middle. This important place of the 1972 revolution is one of the biggest public places in West Africa.

At the top, one may find a farmer holding a hoe and a corn cob in his hands, symbolizing the call for a return to agriculture.

Alodo sports’ choice of this symbol is a reminder of the birth of the association “Alodo”, created in 2000 by three friends born in the early hours of the revolution and grown up in the neighborhoods around Etoile rouge.

The size of the place and the height of the monument which surmounts it reflect our big ambitions for the young talents joining us.

Symbolizing the difficulty of making a dream come true, the Etoile (star) at the basis is prolonged by a monument on which top there is one single person. This is the law of high performance sport: many are called, but few are chosen.

Our colors: red, blue, white.


President of Alodo

President of Alodo



Profession: tax state department

Football career: team captain Etincelles Fc D2 Regional/ BENIN (1998-2001)


Profession: Accountant/ private sector

Football career: D2 with Sacr Fc/ President Sacr Fc


Profession: transit agent

Football career: President Espérance Fc/ D2 BENIN / since 1998


Profession: Journalist, founder of Aubay Media & Sports

Football Career: Selections area 4 of Cotonou U15, U17, U20 (1993-1998/ 20 matches) / Etincelles Fc 1998-2000


Janvier & Février 2014

Alodo Sports – Académie Sessègnon 2-1

Alodo Sports – Bénin Foot 2-1

Alodo Sports – Abi 1-3 ; 2-2

Tournoi des académies de football – J2A (classement final 5e ex.)

February 2014

Alodo Sports – Sessègnon 1-1

Alodo Sports – Rasam 1-0

Alodo Sports – Asos 1-1

March & April 2014 – 

May 2014 (Tournée Bohicon)

Alodo Sports – El Shadaï 5-2

Alodo Sports – Real Bohicon 0-0

Alodo Sports – Adéfob 0-2

June – (Exams – School)

July 2014

Etoile de Bantè – Alodo Sports 2-3

Bantè Fc – Alodo Sports 1-2

Sélection Bantè – Alodo Sports 0-4

August 2014

Fc Sainte Rita – Alodo Sports 1-5

Alodo Sports – Fc Sainte Rita 4-0

Bénin Foot – Alodo Sports 0-1

Bénin – Foot – Alodo Sports 3-0

September – October – School start

November 2014

Gambali – Alodo Sports 8-2

Etoile – Alodo Sports 6-1

December 2014 

Sessègnon Académie – Alodo Sports 0-3

Volcans – Alodo Sports 1-1 & 0-0

February, 2015 (Tournoi international J2A)

Alodo Sports- ABI 0-2

Alodo Sports – Adéfob 1-0

Uts – Ghana – Alodo Sports 1-0

January 2015

Benin Foot – Alodo Sports 0-1

Cefes – Alodo Sports 2-2

February 2015 (Tournoi international J2A)

Alodo Sports- ABI 0-2

Alodo Sports – Adéfob 1-0

Uts – Ghana – Alodo Sports 1-0

mars (break)
april – may – june

Alodo- Sports / Arc-en-ciel 0-0
Alodo Sports – Academie Sessègnon 0-1

July / August

alodo vs horizons fc 7-1

alodo vs horizons fc 7-1

Alodo Sports – Académie Sessègnon 4-2

Alodo Sports – JS Calavi 4-0

 Challenge Cup – Tournament

Alodo Sports – Horizons Fc 7-1

Alodo Sports – Adissolo 1-0

Alodo Sports – Sporting Cotonou 2-0


Alodo Sports – Arc-en-ciel 0-0 – (defeat on penalties 2-4)


Tournoi des jeunes volontaires Japonais pour la Paix
Vainqueur 2015
Quart de finale 2-0 Esoirs
demie-finale 0-0 (tirs aux buts 4-2) Hêvié
finale 3-0 CFID (ex-Académie Sessègnon)

détections à Hêvié – Zè

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  1. swapfootballventure a dit:

    Bonsoir, je m’appel Moses amos je suis le manager de Swap football venture d’abuja-nigeria, bon j’ai au program d’envoyer 3 de mes joueur en stage et recrutement dans un academy ou club au benin-cotonou si possible dans votre academy l’equipe senior. voici mon email swapfootballventure@gmail.com, en esperant de vous une favorable reponse, veillez agréer l’expression de mes respectueuses salutation. merci


  2. RODRIGUEZ Enock a dit:

    Comment integrer votre centre de formation.je suis beninois


  3. Please can we have more information about this school ?please let someone update us because I will like to know more concerning the school
    Thanks and stay bless


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